Northern Power Systems Community Wind Farm Business Sees Strong Growth in 2010

Northern Power Systems, Inc., a leading manufacturer of next-generation direct-drive wind turbines announced a few key highlights and milestones achieved in its Community Wind energy business in 2010.

“This past year has continued to demonstrate the strength of the on-site wind power industry and our own Community Wind farm business, in particular” said Parthiv Amin, President of Community Wind at Northern Power Systems.

“This year we more than doubled our orders and installed base and now have over 60 cumulative years of field operating experience across our fleet.” We now have Northern Power™ 100 customers in 24 U.S. states and four countries, with global exports increasing to 40% of our business as we continue to grow our network of sales, installation, service and financing partners across North America and Europe.”

Additional 2010 Northern Power Community Wind highlights included the following:

* Achieving a record 98% median fleet availability across our installed base
* Acquisition of Knight & Carver’s blade manufacturing assets, allowing for greater control over quality, reliability and ability to scale to meet demand
* Award of a U.S. Department of Energy grant for launch of Northern Power 450 midsize wind turbine development program
* Strengthening of our partner network to include national account channels capable of serving large corporate, military and other federal accounts
* Development of lease programs and other financing options for customers in North America and Europe

“2010 has proven that the on-site wind energy industry continues to see strong demand from customers who remain eager to enjoy the benefits of renewable wind energy without waiting through the infrastructure, transmission and legal uncertainties that can challenge progress on larger wind farm solutions. We are proud to lead the on-site wind industry by providing these customers with a reliable, safe and readily available solution that they can act on today,” added Sanjeev Choudhary, VP of Global Marketing and Business Development.

Northern Power Systems has over 30 years of experience in developing advanced, innovative wind turbines. The company’s next generation highly reliable wind turbine technology is based on a vastly simplified architecture that utilizes a unique combination of a permanent magnet generator and direct-drive design (gearless).

This revolutionary new approach delivers higher energy capture, eliminates drive-train noise, and significantly reduces operation, maintenance and downtime costs. The company currently manufactures the Northern PowerTM 100 wind turbine, designed specifically for community wind farm or distributed power generation applications such as schools/universities, businesses, commercial farms, municipalities and remote locations.

In the near future, the company plans to launch a 2.2 MW wind turbine into the utility-scale marketplace for wind farm applications. Northern Power Systems is a fully integrated company that designs, manufactures, sells and services wind turbines into the global marketplace from its headquarters in Vermont with offices in Massachusetts and Michigan, USA, as well as Switzerland, UK and Italy.