Here Enterprises Inc (HTRE) Gets Smart with Wind Power

An energy Department study found that 20% of all electricity could come from wind farm by 2030. Wind power is the United States’ fastest growing renewable energy power resource. Worldwide the U.S. is second only to Europe, in the amount of energy produced by wind power. Together, the two account for 81% of world wide wind power installations.

The U.S has seen its wind power installations increase from just over 6 GW in 2004 to over 35 GW in 2009. Texas is the leading state within in the U.S., with a wind farm generating capacity of over 9.400 MW. If Texas was a separate country, it would rank 6th worldwide in generating capacity.

The company looks to not only develop wind farms to harness the wind but looks to co-locate these farms with commercial businesses, thus maximizing cash flow on each project.

Here Enterprises (OTCBB:HRTE), is developing a wind farm on property that hosts an established motocross speedway drawing thousands of fans, spectators and competitors each week. The company believes that these dual uses will not only provide energy solutions but will also produce revenue streams from commercial recreational and sporting activities in rural.