New Energy of Ukraine Alliance intends to build 250 MW wind energy plant in Crimea

Kyiv-based New Energy of Ukraine Alliance plans to build a 250 MW wind farm in the Sovetsky district of Crimea, the alliance board chairman, Valeriy Borovik, has told Interfax-Ukraine.

He said that Chernihiv-based New Energy Technologies, which is part of the alliance, is managing the wind turbines project.

"First we’ll launch 100 MW [electricity generation] and later another 150 MW. Now we’re focusing on the 250 MW figure, but in the future we plan to reach 400 MW," the company’s head said.

Borovik said that by late 2010 wind strength measuring would be finished. New Energy of Ukraine is also working on an ornithological study, and obtaining a permit to connect to the power grid. The alliance plans to start construction in early 2012.

He said that each investor today has problems with land plot allocation, as the Crimean government decided to recheck all companies that plan to build wind power plants in the region.

"Now many companies took land plots [for construction of wind power plants] and do nothing… so the decision to ‘refine’ all companies is right. The main thing is that real investors should not suffer," he said.

In addition, Borovik said that the alliance plans to build a 100 MW wind power plant in the Carpathian Mountains, adding that the project is at the initial stage.

Soon, New Energy of Ukraine plans to hold talks with an investor with experience of the successful construction of solar power plants in Europe, in particular, in Bulgaria, and discuss the realization of similar projects in Ukraine.