E-Mobility Italy Keeps Its Promises: First Deliveries Due at the Bologna Motor Show

e-mobility Italy has kept the promises made two years ago in Bologna. Today, Vittorio Braguglia, General Manager of Mercedes-Benz Cars in Italy, together with Livio Vido, Director of Enel’s Engineering and Innovation Division, can celebrate this goal achieved by handing over a smart fortwo electric drive to UGF, a partner in the project, and to a number of corporate clients, including Arval, Autostrade per l’Italia, Mediaset, McDonald’s Italia and Vodafone Italia.

Afterwards, on December 3rd at Electric City, Engineering and Cassa Rurale Banca di Credito Cooperativo di Treviglio will also be taking delivery of their models. At the same time, Home Stations, the recharging infrastructure created by Enel, will come online at the headquarters of these companies.

e-mobility Italy, brainchild of smart and Enel, is the world’s largest integrated electric mobility project to date, making it possible to promote the efficient use of electric vehicles with the development of custom-made recharging facilities using state-of-the-art technology to provide an intelligent and reliable service.

As part of this project, Daimler is supplying and will take care of the maintenance of over 100 electric vehicles for customers in Rome, Pisa (home to the Enel research centre) and Milan. Enel is responsible for infrastructure development, construction and operation in the form of 400 dedicated recharging points, as well as the central control system. These three cities are most representative of the diverse lifestyles and development models Italy has to offer.

Over 2,200 drivers have registered at www.e-mobilityitaly.it to be at the wheel of the first 100 smart electric cars since the campaign had its official launch last November and the first candidates selected will be ‘driving electric’ by the end of the year.

The incredibly low monthly payment of €400 + VAT for the first smart fortwo electric vehicles in the e-mobility Italy project includes rental, routine maintenance, a replacement car, a guarantee for the lifetime of the project, thanks to partnerships with Fondazione Iteralia and UGF Assicurazioni of the Unipol Gruppo Finanziario, plus a tailor-made insurance package covering third party liability, fire and theft. The cars are equipped with a zero emissions, 30kW (41hp) electric drive, together with an innovative 17kWh lithium-ion battery guaranteeing a range of 135 km. The maximum speed, suitable for both driving in town and on fast roads, is 100 km/h.

The major customer benefits extend to recharging, in which Enel guarantees drivers recharging facilities to suit their personal lifestyles and needs with a handy home station installed in their own garage and workplace car park, and other recharging points located in the three cities taking part in the pilot scheme.

For only 25 euros a month, including VAT and other taxes, drivers will be able to fill up with unlimited RECS certified electric power from renewable sources at all Enel recharging facilities both at home and when out and about. This flat rate promotional offer includes all installation and connection charges.