Stream Invest Holding to Inaugurate Wind Power Project in Bulgaria

The wind energy project christened Kardam incorporates 6 Suzlon S88 type 2.1 MW wind turbines to generate a total 12.6 MW power. The project located close to Dobrich, BG, was completed in 12 months time at a cost of 23 million euros. Energy Competence Centre (ECC), an auxiliary company of Corporate Energies in Berlin, Germany, offered technological requirements and services from the planning to all the stages up to commissioning. The project utilized the services of Technomash-Bulgarian Industrial Group, to complete the project. This project will contribute to the Bulgarian government’s renewable energy target to achieve 16% green energy by 2020.

Andreas Blutke, Stream Invest Holding’s President, expressed satisfaction over the experience earned during the development of the project and he thanked the participating member companies such as EAM, ECC, Suzlon and Technomash. He anticipated that the expertise and strength gained by the companies in the project will help them in their future endeavors.