Far East Wind Power, Tianlanhengfeng Electrical Sign LOI to Develop Wind Farm

The project planned to generate 300 MW is currently in its first stage of the 50 MW installation. The current owner of the project has received the necessary local government plan approvals and permissions to develop the project in 6 phases each with 50 MW power production capabilities and started its constructions. Far East is planning to enter into a partnership venture with the owner for the development of the first phase of 50 MW and continue with the other stages of completion. Full details of the negotiations are expected to be released on finalizing the negotiations.

Liu Xiaobu, Chairman and CEO of Far East, expressed confidence about the project and conveyed his intentions to form a long term relationship with Tianlanhengfeng Electrical Power’s Chairman He Jianxun, who has indicated his interest in the proposals submitted by his company Far East and showed intentions to contract a definitive accord.