Nissan Launches ‘An Electric Vehicle in our Home’

"An Electric Vehicle in our Home," a Web program for kids, will be uploaded to the "Nissan Zero-Emission" Web site today.

"An Electric Vehicle in our Home" is designed to educate elementary school children about the reality of global warming and the merits of 100 percent, zero-emission, electric vehicles (EVs). The program features unique, kid-accessible characters and easy-to-follow dialogue about EVs and a zero-emission society. Utilizing engaging photos, graphics and film, the program gives kids and their parents a comprehensive look at EV technology and Nissan’s vision of a zero-emission sustainable society.
The "Nissan Zero-Emission" Web site shares Nissan’s vision and approach to a zero- emission, sustainable society, as well as product information about Nissan LEAF, the first 100 percent, mass-marketed, zero-emission car.

Aiming to be a global leader in zero-emission mobility with Alliance partner Renault, Nissan will launch Nissan LEAF this month in Japan and the United States, and in early 2011 in Europe.

In addition to the development and production of Electric Vehicless, Nissan is taking a comprehensive approach to promote sustainable mobility. This includes the development of more than 80 zero-emission partnerships worldwide with countries, cities, organizations and other key stakeholders.

Nissan also is actively working on the deployment of charging infrastructure and second-life use of the lithium-ion batteries used in electric cars, along with the promotion of recycling parts used in vehicle production.