COMFERSA and Acciona will install an electric vehicle charging network in more than 60 railway station car parks in Spain

The first charging points will be installed in car parks on the Madrid-Valencia AVE (high-speed train) line before the end of the year.

In 2011, ACCIONA will install two charging points in the more than 60 railway car parks managed by COMFERSA.

ACCIONA Energy will install an electric vehicle charging network in the car parks managed by COMFERSA (Comercial del Ferrocarril, S.A.) in more than 60 railway station car parks in different Spanish cities, according to the agreement signed by both companies today. It is a pioneering initiative in the area of electric mobility in the country.

Company President Ramón Moreda and Operations Director María José Quijano signed on behalf of COMFERSA, while President Carmen Becerril and Managing Director of ACCIONA Eficiencia Energética Luis Gordo signed for ACCIONA Energy.

The first charging points – two posts in each case – will be installed this month in the stations of Madrid-Atocha and Valencia, linked by an AVE (high-speed train) line. The project envisages gradual expansion to all the car parks operated by COMFERSA (over 60), located in railway stations all over Spain.

Each charging station will be equipped with two posts located next to parking places, and these will be clearly signposted. The posts will be connected to a smart network, i.e. will include a control, communication and management platform that will allow services such as the electronic identification of the user, the generation of reports on use of the posts, control and charging management, updated information on the availability of each point, roaming between different sites and on-line information via the Internet, among others.
A pioneering initiative

By signing of this agreement COMFERSA and ACCIONA are driving a pioneering initiative in the field of electric mobility in Spain, facilitating the implementation of a charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in strategic urban locations, where railway stations are usually located.

Through its subsidiary ACCIONA Eficiencia Energética – part of its Energy Division – ACCIONA has plans to develop several sustainable projects in the fields of energy, the environment and mobility in cities. These include energy consultancy, auditing, engineering and management aimed at improving efficiency and reducing emissions, and also the implementation of charging infrastructures for electric vehicles.

ACCIONA’s positioning in this field has been very well received by automobile manufacturers (agreements with Daimler-Benz and the Renault-Nissan alliance), the commercial distribution sector (agreement with Unibail-Rodamco) and at local level (agreement with Pamplona City Council to install the first charging network).