Atlantic Toyota and Huntington Toyota May Sell Plug-in Prius by early 2012

With the Toyota Prius being named the most fuel efficient car in the U.S. by the EPA Fuel Economy Guide, Atlantic Toyota and Huntington Toyota want car buyers to know that both dealerships may be carrying the new Plug-in Prius as early as 2012.

Atlantic Toyota and Huntington Toyota are excited with Toyota’s announcement of its continued economical car plan as well as Toyota’s battery research progress. As the U.S. leader in fuel economy with the Toyota Prius, Toyota Corp is continuing with new advancements in green technology.

The Prius Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle (PHV) demonstration already began this year as more than 150 PHVs were distributed in the U.S. as well as in Canada. Toyota wants to test the new PHV in different conditions before it is officially released to dealerships such as Atlantic Toyota and Huntington Toyota sometime in 2012. The Toyota PHV will originally be circulated in Japan, the United States and Europe. Each PHV may cost about 3 million yen or $35,790, and Toyota is hoping to sell more than 50,000 vehicles annually.

Atlantic Toyota as well as Huntington Toyota want Long Island Toyota customers to know about the other options Toyota Corp has outlined in its report about eco-cars and battery research.

Hybrid Vehicles

By the end of 2012, Toyota plans on adding 11 more vehicles to its already impressive economic line of vehicles. The 11 models will include all-new models and redesigned models.

Electric Vehicles

Also planned to be released in 2012 is an iQ-based Electric Car (EV). It will be introduced in not just the U.S. market, but also in Japan and Europe. The road trials will begin in 2011 for these countries to get the vehicles ready for the expected launch. China is being considered as a viable market as well and will begin road tests around the same time in 2011.

Another new electric car is the RAV4 EV concept, which allows for 100-miles on its electric engine before needing to switch over to gas. It has already been released for demonstration, starting at the Los Angeles Auto Show on November 28.

Fuel Cell Vehicles

The development of a sedan-type fuel-cell hybrid vehicle is still in the works for Toyota Corp with the release aimed to be about 2015 in three main countries: United States, Japan and Europe. These countries are being focused on due to the greater possibility of those markets developing a hydrogen supply infrastructure.

Next-generation Secondary Batteries

A big development for Toyota is research development of next-generation secondary batteries which are supposed to exceed the performance of lithium-ion batteries. These batteries could be essential for the use in new electric-motor-propelled eco-cars. There are two types of batteries that the Toyota division, which includes over 100 researchers, is looking into: solid-state batteries and metal-air batteries. The focus of solid-state batteries is to make them more compact while metal-air batteries may be rechargeable secondary batteries.

Atlantic Toyota and Huntington Toyota are looking toward the future of these economical vehicles and can’t wait to carry these vehicles at their respective dealerships.