SolarBeam: 262% more efficient than flat panels

SOLARTRON Energy Systems Inc., Amherst, Nova Scotia, Canada has developed the SolarBeamConcentrator which can provide more solar heat (about 44,340 BTU per hour) than conventional hot water and process heat systems at an affordable price. The payback period (after rebates) is only six years, compared with 20+ years for conventional flat panel or 15 years for evacuated tube technology.

The SolarBeam Concentrator system is simply the most efficient solar hot water system available. Since it concentrates energy on a focal point using a parabolic mirror, the SolarBeam is 262% more efficient that hot water panels and 98% more efficient than evacuated tube technology. In addition, the SolarBeam concentrator is equipped with a computer-controlled dual-axis tracking system that maximizes solar concentration equivalent to 350 suns, which means more efficiency throughout the day

SolarTron Energy Systems Inc. is leading a movement to make solar heating technologies more energy-and cost-efficient by developing concentrated solar power (CSP) technology that utilizes a reflective parabolic mirror to collect solar energy onto a focal point to produce a high amount of heat. Our engineers designed the SolarBeam as a durable, rugged, and most importantly, affordable commercial unit,” says Edward Herniak, founder and CEO.

The SolarBeam uses patent-pending technology to provide 13kW of heat per hour throughout the entireday. “1 SolarBeam can heat 400 gallons from 62 F to 140 F in 5 hours” says Herniak. With the SolarBeam you can make a major impact to reduce green house gas emissions and lessen your dependency on fossil fuels, whether in the form of electricity, natural gas, or oil. Multiple stand-alone systems can generate thousands of kW or BTU required for even the most demanding applications.

The SolarBeam is ideal for all business, commercial and industrial applications. It allows a business to harness the full potential of solar thermal energy to heat buildings and water. It not only helps lower costs, but also reduces the amount of harmful emissions produced. For example, its solar hot water system is perfect for any application that requires a high quantity of hot water at 200 F, such as bottling plants, hospitals and process applications.

SolarTron Energy Systems Inc. sells the SolarBeam through distributors and installations are happening in Kenya, Australia, USA and Canada. Many distributors are excited about adding the SolarBeam to their product line because it is the first commercially available parabolic system and it has an excellent pricing.

In addition, the SolarBeam produces more power during the course of the day compared to other systems because of its patent-pending celestial tracking system. The SolarBeam is able to follow the sun throughout the course of the day, with 100% accuracy. To see how the SolarBeam tracks the sun, click on solar heating video link.

In applications where the solar hot water system will be installed on a flat roof, a different mountingapplication is used. The mounting of SolarBeam on the roof is a perfect option for apartment buildings, hotels, offices, grocery stores and retail stores.

The SolarBeam kit includes the SolarBeam Dish (15 feet wide), 8 foot post, celestial tracking system, power train and heat exchanger. Please contact SolarTron Energy Systems directly for information on how to purchase the kit and become a distributor.

The solar hot water system is designed to take advantage of the parabolic curve performance of a reflector which is the most efficient means of collecting solar energy. By utilizing the parabolic curve, the SolarBeam hot water system focuses the sun’s intensity onto the focal point, where the absorber is located. The solar absorber is made of solid aluminum block to maximize the thermal transfer to the poly-glycol fluid. Incredibly, the absorber is very small (10” x 10”) but has the ability to provide 13kW per hour (44,000 BTU).

In summer 2011, SolarTron plans to deliver a photovoltaic module to produce 4 kW/hour ofelectricity from a single system, using the latest concentrated photovoltaic technology. This module is 10 inches x10 inches and can be added to existing solar hot water systems.

SolarTron Energy Systems is based in Nova Scotia, Canada, The company is a manufacture of the SolarBeam Concentrator which provides a payback of 6 years, compared to 20 years for solar flat panels. The SolarBeam tracks the sun throughout the day, thus it is 262% more efficient than flat panels.

Solartron Energy Systems Inc. has developed the world’s first affordable system for solar hot water & photovoltaic electricity production. The SolarBeam Concentrator system is simply the most efficient solar hot water system available. The SolarBeam Concentrator’s unique tracking system and design has applications in heating, cooling, and electricity generation. SolarBeam’s computer-controlled 2-axis tracking system maximizes solar concentration equivalent to 350 suns which means more efficiency throughout the day. The result – a more steady and reliable solar thermal energy stream to meet your needs. If you’re looking for solar hot water energy to harness, why would you not want maximize the power? Simply put, the SolarBeam reins strong over all solar hot water systems available on the market.