Beijing policies aim for 30,000 electric vehicles by 2012

According to the Beijing Pilot Subsidy Program for the Private Purchase of Electric Vehicles with lithium ion batteries, the city is aiming to have 30,000 electric cars on the road by the end of 2012, with 23,000 being pure electric vehicles and 7,000 being plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

Beijing will subsidize electric vehicles based on their lithium ion batteries capacities at 3,000 yuan per kilowatt-hour, but no more than 50,000 yuan for each plug-in hybrid electric car and 60,000 yuan for each pure electric car.

The city will also build 100 fast-charging stations, one battery-swap station and 36,000 charging poles by the end of 2012 in addition to developing a new-energy vehicle information management system.

Furthermore, Beijing will increase government purchases of new energy vehicles as well as encourage companies, public institutions and individuals to use electric cars. It will also give incentives for financial institutions to provide support through methods such as lending for the promotion of electric cars.