PicoTurbine International Pilots Renewable Green Energy Education Program

PicoTurbine International, a developer of renewable energy educational curriculum and Wind power and Solar kits for students from elementary school through college is pleased to announce that it has completed a pilot program with the Boy Scouts of America’s Simon Kenton Council in Columbus, Ohio to teach Scouts about the methods and benefits of harnessing the earth’s renewable wind farm and solar energy.

As part of the pilot program, PicoTurbine donated 60 of its Wind Turbines and Solar kits and corresponding educational curriculum to the Council. Using the kits and curriculum, over 550 Cub Scouts in the Council’s Resident Camp participated in hands-on experiments that taught them the scientific properties and benefits of wind and solar power. Experiments included building a wind turbine, wind blades, and magnetic alternators to harness wind energy. In addition, the Scouts used the solar kits provided to produce energy to illuminate a light bulb, play a music box and power a wind fan. Participating scouts were tested on their wind and solar knowledge at the start and conclusion of the program.

“PicoTurbine is very happy to have played a part in educating Scouts about the positive impact that renewable energy can have on the environment,” said Michael Burghoffer, PicoTurbine’s Director of Operations. “Our mission is simple, namely to help students of all ages learn about the exciting world of renewable energy, including ‘Wind,’ ‘Solar,’ ‘Hydro,’ ‘Bio-Diesel’ and ‘Geothermal’ through interactive, fun-filled, hands-on learning. We look forward to continuing to grow our relationship with the Boy Scouts of America, so that more Scouts can learn first-hand the importance of renewable energy.”

“PicoTurbine’s generous donation of its wind turbine and solar kits and corresponding curriculum was a valuable contribution to the Scouts experience at this year’s summer camp,” said Brian Asbury U. Way & Foundations Director, Boy Scouts of America. “It was a pleasure to watch as the Scouts learned through hands-on activities how we can harness the earth’s natural energy and use it to help protect the environment for future generations.”

PicoTurbine International LLC is a global leader in the manufacture and development of renewable green energy educational materials and curriculum. Since 1998, the company has been developing educational kits related to Wind and Solar power. These have become increasingly more sophisticated as renewable green energy becomes more relevant in our world today. Harnessing the knowledge that it has gained in working with educators and parents in the development and sale of its various educational kits, the company is presently expanding into developing corresponding educational curriculum that is focused on being used in the classroom, after school programs, and camps for all ages.

The Simon Kenton Council is one of the largest Boy Scout councils in the nation serving 17 counties in central and southern Ohio, and Greenup County in northern Kentucky. The Council is staffed by 22 professional Scouters with over 8,000 adult volunteers delivering the Scouting program to more than 27,000 youth. We are joined by more than 550 charter partner organizations sponsoring more than 800 Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Venturing, and Exploring units in our Council. The Council’s goal is to be the premiere leader in youth development by delivering on the promise to provide character development, citizenship training, personal fitness and fun. The values we strive to instill are based on those found in the Scout Oath and Law and Outdoor Code.