Senegal has started construction of two wind farms with 175 MW

Senegal, a West African country, has made yet another significant step towards achieving its 15% of energy requirements through renewable energy sources such as solar, biomass and wind energy by 2020. The country had performed elaborate wind power assessment studies at Potou and Kayar to erect wind farms.

Senegal has started construction of two wind farms with a total installed capability of 175 MW, over a location on its northern coast. The report referred Louis Seck, Renewable Energy Minister of Senegal, and indicated that one of the wind farms with a production capability of 125 MW will start generating power from next year.

On completion, the energy generated from this wind farm will be connected to the grid owned by SENELEC, the national power distributing company from the country.

The second wind farm with a production capacity of 50 MW is expected to be constructed at a different location over northern coast. The country has constructed its first 10 MW wind turbine in 2003 with the assistance of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, Germany.

In July this year the parliament of Senegal has passed a law titled ‘Guidance on Renewable Energy’ to develop regular renewable energy sources and provide them to the people of the country at low-cost to improve their access to its use.