Iceland plans to harness wind energy

Iceland’s national power company Landsvirkjun plans to harness wind power for electricity production in the country. A task force was recently appointed to evaluate which areas are suitable for wind farm plants and the initial conclusions show that the lowland in south Iceland may be the best location for such operations," said the Frettabladid daily.

"We are conducting all the basic work which needs to be done before operations can begin," Ulfar Linnet, a specialist in energy, was quoted as saying.

"Extensive research is necessary and it is important that we are successful because we were at the absolute starting point when we started working on this," Linnet said.

According to Linnet, basic research strongly indicates that there is wind stable enough Iceland for wind power generation. The lowland in south Iceland is being considered because the wind is steady there and squalls are uncommon.

The lowest wind turbines used for power plants in the world are 70 meters high, about the same height as Hallgrimskirkja, the landmark church in Reykjavik. The tallest wind turbines can reach 198 meters when the blade is in the top position.

Iceland is a country rich in clean energy such as geothermal energy and hydropower. Now the country is to harness wind power.