China invests $30b in emission cutting in 5 years

The fund was expected to generate a total non-government investment of two trillion yuan, said He Bingguang, a senior official of the Department of Resource Conservation and Environmental Protection at the National Development and Reform Commission.

From 2006 to 2010, China had made breakthroughs in the scale, technological level, and commercial modeling of the country’s green industries, said He at a press conference concerning the International High-tech Exhibition of Green Industries and Green Economy, to be held in Beijing starting Wednesday.

The four-day event will be attended by 127 participants, 85 of which are foreign-funded firms.

China to build 10 GW wind farm in Xinjiang

China will build a 10.8 GW wind power farm in Hami in the far western Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region in five years, a local official said Thursday.

As a matter of comparison, the installed wind energy capacity in Hami was only 100 MW last year. A 200 MW wind turbines project of China Huadian Corporation has just passed the preliminary review.