Wind energy will drive the development of Québec

The wind farm sector will drive the economy of Québec in the next five years. According to a study compiled by the Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) and the company Hatch Consulting, wind turbines projects could be developed for 4,000 MW by 2015, with investments worth 10 billion dollars and significant economic benefits for the region, first of all the creation of thousands of new jobs.

At present, wind farm capacity in Québec amounts to 663 MW.

The study states that wind power can grant a fast growth of Québec’s electricity generation and the wind energy market can push the economic development of the whole region.

Specifically, if a growth rate of at least 600 new MW per year could be kept up, over the next five years this sector could create 5,210 jobs per year, of which 1,400 could be permanent, while land owners and local administrations could earn royalties worth up to 25 million dollars a year.

Based on a longer term scenario, the study predicts that – between 2016 and 2025 – an additional capacity of 8,000 MW could be installed, with investments for 25 billion dollars and over 9,100 people employed each year, including 4,500 permanent jobs.

If this target were achieved, 20% of the region’s electricity generation would come from wind energy.