Morocco launches tender to build wind farm

This tender is issued for the first stage of the total investment of $3.5 billion towards wind energy generation. The proposed wind farm will be situated in Taza, a place located 300 km north east of Rabat, and is expected to commence its operations in 2014

The Office National d’Electricite (ONE) has invited business firms and companies to submit their expression of interest in the wind farm construction before 10th December.

The selected companies will be asked to present the formal bids with their proposal during the first quarter of next year. The winning bid company apart from completing the construction of the wind farm will also receive a 20 year contract to manage the functioning of the wind farm and its maintenance.

The government of Morocco had earlier announced its plans to allocate $3.5 billion towards wind power development along with solar energy projects. The government has plans to increase its renewable energy share in the total power production to 42% by the year 2020.

The government has announced its intentions to construct a total of five wind farms to augment the country’s wind turbines generation to 2,000 MW from its current production of 280 MW by the year 2020.