Invenergy to build 24 MW wind energy plant in Montana

Invenergy said the wind power project would bring an $18 million economic benefit to the area over 20 years in the form of property taxes, construction contracts and landowner royalties.

Company spokesman Mark Jacobson described the location’s wind resource as "screaming," the Great Falls Tribune reported.

"It’s very similar to the Judith Gap wind regime," Jacobson said, referring to the company’s 135-megawatt Judith Gap Wind Farm in Wheatland County.

Invenergy is the largest independent wind farm developer in the United States. Nineteen wind turbines generating facilities, representing an aggregate generation capacity of over 2,000 MW, have been developed by Invenergy and are now operating in North America and Europe.

Another 550 MW of Invenergy wind projects are currently under construction and nearly 100 projects are in active development in the United States, Canada and Europe.

Invenergy’s focus is on the development and long-term ownership and operation of utility scale wind energy projects ranging in size from 25 to 500 MW. With a long-term perspective, Invenergy Wind takes a proactive approach to building strong relationships with various project stakeholders including landowners, host communities and power purchase customers.

Invenergy is actively expanding its clean power portfolio to include solar power generation. Currently, Invenergy has many projects in various development stages in North America and Europe using both Concentrating Solar Thermal Power and photovoltaic technologies. Our focus is on the development and long term ownership and operation of solar energy projects ranging in size from 5 MW to 500 MW.

Solar energy is free, limitless and produces no atmospheric or greenhouse emissions. Therefore, solar power generation provides a stable, sustainable, reliable source of electricity. As energy and environment costs rise, coupled with solar technology advancements, solar power generation provides a long-term competitive energy solution.