3.8 GWp of new solar photovoltaic installations in Germany in 2009

Photovoltaic industry has proved its long-term viability and environmental benefits globally. Both developed as well as developing economies around the globe have acknowledged its potential and are increasingly installing PV energy solutions for a greener and healthy environment.

In addition, decreasing PV module costs are working as catalysts for new installations and this was transformed in 3.8 GWp of new solar PV installations in Germany in 2009.

According to our research, German Photovoltaic Market Analysis, Germany has been the global leader in photovoltaic industry in the past decade.

The energy import dependency, limited fossil and nuclear resources, mandatory GHG emission reductions, and vast availability of solar radiation across the nation have infused solar photovoltaic industry developments in the country.

However, economic slowdown and weak economy has forced the government to drastically cut subsidies for the industry and driven authorities to formulate FIT cuts.

It is anticipated that these amendments will have their long-term effects on industry developments and annual installations will limit to around 5 GWp by 2014.

At the segment level, commercial installations have been leading the industry followed by residential installations. Attractive incentives and long term economic benefits encouraged investors to opt for commercial (mainly rooftop) systems installations and uplifted overall industry developments.

However, in coming years, it is anticipated that residential PV installations will orchestrate substantial increase in market share as proposed FIT cuts will shift consumer preference from large-scale installations to small and medium scale system developments.