OwnEnergy Offers Wind-Farm Development Workshops for Farmers & Entrepreneurs

OwnEnergy, a wind farm development company, will be hosting a workshop for landowners in central and northern Indiana. The workshop is focusing on the development process and the options available for building community wind farms.

P.J. Saliterman, a Project Developer at OwnEnergy, said, "People keep hearing about wind energy — how it can help the U.S. reduce greenhouse gas emissions, diversify its energy supply, benefit the economy and act as a source of extra revenue — but they may not know what is involved. This workshop is both for those who are already excited about the idea and want to take further steps and for those who are just curious."

"Many people have heard of their neighbors leasing their land to one of the giant wind power companies, and think that’s the only way to do it," added Daniel Gold, a Project Developer and Wind Analyst, also of OwnEnergy.

"In fact, there are several options available for landowners when working with wind farm developers and we hope that these workshops will help bring that to light. Wind development can be intimidating. We want to show landowners they can have a say in the project, create local jobs in their communities and make some money."

OwnEnergy is a leader in Community Wind. The company partners with landowners to develop 10-80 MW wind energy projects. OwnEnergy has 33 wind farm projects in various stages of development across 14 states.

Free workshops will be hosted in the following 3 locations:

1. November 15th in Franklin, at The Willard on 99 North Main Street.
2. November 16th in Lafayette, at O’Bryan’s Nine Irish Brothers, 3520 State Road 38 East.
3. November 17th in South Bend, at Fiddler’s Hearth, 127 North Main Street.

The workshops will begin at 6:30pm each evening, and include complimentary dinner. OwnEnergy developers P.J. Saliterman and Daniel Gold will be presenting, along with Christine Karlovic of OwnEnergy and Guy Rusche of the National Farmers Union. They will be available for questions afterwards.