REpower to erect wind turbine for HAMBURG ENERGIE on Georgswerder Energieberg

With a rated power of 3.4 megawatts (MW) and a hub height of around 100 meters, the wind turbine is designed to provide the Hamburg Elbe islands with wind energy – and at the same time form the centerpiece of an information center where interested visitors will be able to find out at first hand about renewable energy. The wind turbine is to be installed on the Georgswerder Energieberg by the end of 2011.

The REpower wind turbine will be erected on the highest point of the site, thereby replacing several older and less powerful systems. "We are delighted about the partnership with HAMBURG ENERGIE, which is a first for us", says Andreas Nauen, CEO of REpower Systems AG. "The 3.4M104 is the latest and most powerful wind turbine generation for onshore wind farm use that we currently have in our portfolio. We are proud that one of these wind turbines will shortly be erected here in Hamburg, home to our company headquarters. With its rotor diameter of 104 meters, it impressively exemplifies the progress that has been made in wind technology in recent years." There is already a REpower type MD77 wind turbine in place on the Energieberg with a rated power of 1.5 MW, which was installed back in 2004.

"As a municipal power utility, HAMBURG ENERGIE is committed to environmentally friendly energy production in the Hanseatic city. With the wind turbine on the Energieberg, we are consistently expanding our generating capacity in Hamburg", explains the managing director of HAMBURG ENERGIE, Dr. Michael Beckereit. "From 2012, our new turbine will generate clean, renewable energy for more than 3,000 households."

The REpower wind turbine will be erected on the site of the former landfill in Hamburg’s Georgswerder district. The hill in South Hamburg, which is around 40 meters high, is being redeveloped as part of the "Renewable Wilhelmsburg" climate protection scheme by the International Building Exhibition IBA Hamburg to create a regenerative energy hill. In future, environmentally friendly electricity and heat will be generated on the hill from wind power, solar energy, landfill gases and biomass.

IBA Hamburg plans to open the Energieberg to the public as an information center and meeting point with a spectacular view over the city. The history of the landfill and the varied potential for the generation of wind power will be presented in a vivid manner. The information center will be opened to interested visitors during the day from 2011.