Wind energy in Venezuela – Deals with Portuguese company Galp Energia

In a few months, the first wind farm in Venezuela will become operational. With almost 100 megawatts of installed capacity 76 Gamesa wind turbines, two first phases of installation are completed.

In five years is expected to produce 1,500 megawatts of wind energy in the Guajira, Coche, Margarita and Paraguaná.

The Portuguese company Galp Energia would build 4 wind farms located in La Guajira, Isla de Coche, Isla Margarita and Chacopata and have a capacity of 72 megawatts, and they have already started has already the first jobs for the four wind farms in Venezuela, along with PDVSA, the Venezuelan state oil company.

In recent months there have sent to Caracas Portuguese technicians to to collaborate with the Venezuelan teams in studying the best conditions for the installation of wind turbines.