Barack Obama – Young people much aware of environment issues

The US President, Mr Barack Obama expressed satisfaction that young people are much more aware and focused about environment issues than his generation.

“Young people are much aware and focused about the environment issues. I have noticed this from Malia and Sasha and from today’s presentation,” Mr Obama said.

Obama and his wife Michelle, who visited the Science Exhibition prepared by class ten students of Holy Name High School, were impressed by the presentations made on issues of global warming, importance of wind energy and eco-friendly villages, as well as rain water harvesting.

The school head boy Juzer Furniturewala told the US first couple that the students took one week to prepare the presentation.

“Very impressive… I must take tips of public speaking from you all,” Mr Obama told the students after listening to them attentively.

Mr Obama also asked the students what solutions do they have for clean energy and global warming. To which, Juzer said that they organise awareness programmes and hold afforestation rallies.

Looking at the media, he said, “Trees a day, keeps global warming away, in case you missed it.”

Earlier, as he entered the exhibition hall, Mr Obama and his wife greeted the children saying, “Good Morning, Hello, Namaste….so nice to see you all.”

They met each student individually and asked their names and interacted with them.