Wind power Vestas V112-3.0 MW wins Gold Award

Vestas latest wind energy product offering – the V112-3.0 MW wind turbine was judged and awarded by independent judges as the "Most Innovative Power Technology of the Year." in the 2010 Asian Power Awards held in Singapore on November 3, 2010.

Sean Sutton, President of Vestas Asia Pacific who attended the event to receive the award was delighted with the accolade. “It is an honour for Vestas V112 to be recognized as the most innovative power technology of the year. This award really goes out to a large group of people, who have put thousands of man hours into developing the V112-3.0MW wind turbine. It is a great pleasure to receive the award on behalf them.”

Dubbed as the “Power Industry’s Oscar night”, the Asian Power Awards were launched in 2005 to serve as a platform for the recognition of key power industry players in Asia whose efforts have stood out over the years. This year’s Asian Power Awards received a record number of nominations – in total more than 28 individual nominations were received across all categories. The independent judges who came from various power industries looked for the ‘best-of-the-best’ practices in Asia’s power generation and power supply industries and organizations. Their role was to identify power projects, technologies, services and people that are significantly enhancing the power sector in Asia.

Amit Kansal, Vice President, Marketing & Customer Insight: “The award recognizes the quality and innovation of the V112. Vestas’ nomination competed with innovative technologies in gas, coal nuclear etc. This adds further to the recognition and making our vision of wind being on par with oil and gas a reality by, acknowledging wind energy as efficient and competitive.”

In early August this year, Vestas’ first order for its V112-3.0MW wind turbines came from the Macarthur Wind Farm Project in Australia. It will become the home of the largest wind farm in the Southern Hemisphere, with 420 MW of clean and renewable energy generation capacity coming from 140 new V112-3.0 MW wind turbines.

Peter Cheng, Managing Director, Vestas Technology R&D Singapore: “The V112-3 MW includes a number of new innovations, such as GridStreamer™. This features a permanent magnet generator to ensure wider operation range and reduce loss of power, and a full-scale converter which provides excellent grid support, reduced drive-train loads and optimum energy production over a greater range of wind speeds. Uniquely combined with existing concepts, the V112-3 MW produces up to 13,405 MWh annually at a wind speed of 8,5 meter per second – setting a new standard in it’s turbine class”

V112-3.0 MW turbine

The V112-3.0 MW turbine is the product of Vestas’ more than 30 years of knowledge and passion for wind power and the experience that comes with installing over 41,000 turbines in 65 countries in five continents. Vestas’ focus on constant innovation and applying new technological solutions results in increased performance in our wind turbines and a lower cost of energy – ensuring a top-quality business case that generates a solid return on investment for our customers
This result comes from exhaustive design solutions and subsequent testing of the V112-3.0 MW to optimise the performance of all components and minimise turbine downtime for servicing. A new blade profile, nacelle design and cooling-system deliver load-optimised operation, while the new GridStreamer technology delivers high, stable plant output complying with most stringent grid requirements worldwide.

The V112-3.0 MW also demonstrates Vestas’ focus on providing solutions for the entire global wind energy sector: a wind turbine that offers a better way to harness the world’s ample supplies of low and medium winds and provide excellent grid support contributing to higher grid stability. The V112-3.0 MW is designed to be easier to transport and install in sites where erecting a wind farm presents significant challenges.