Wind power Vestas wins Innovation Cup 2010

Every year, around 400 Danish companies participate in Innovation Cup 2010. The competition run by Scandinavia’s leading think tank Mandag Morgen is featuring many of Denmark’s leading companies such as Danfoss, LEGO, Grundfos and others.

This year Vestas participated in the competition for the first time, with immediate success, beating off very strong competitors.

René Balle, Vice President in Technology R&D and responsible for Vestas Innovation says Vestas’ position in the Innovation Cup is proof of how we have contributed to take research and development in wind technology to another level, not only in Denmark, but also in a global perspective.

“In Vestas, innovation is not only an opportunity, it’s a primary driver of our competitiveness,” he says.

The Innovation Cup takes an in depth view on the participating companies, starting with a thorough survey of 450 questions covering all areas of innovation, company key data analysis and finally an on-site assessment.

“The very vigorous assessment makes this not only a great win, but also a strong and useful tool for raising the bar going forward,” says René Balle.

Some of the reasoning behind the jury’s decision to select Vestas as the most innovative company in Denmark was: “A highly diversified as well as interdisciplinary organisational culture that nurtures idea development and promotes out of the box thinking. An organisation that has established processes for the early phase of development and is driving strategic options for long term growth of the business.”

The data from the survey will be analysed and used as a tool to identify gaps and opportunities in relation to innovation strategy and processes going forward.

“Even if it isn’t a worldwide ranking, winning the national championship is a powerful first step towards the World Cup! Every one of you is playing a key role in this achievement,” says René Balle.

Vestas, the world leader in producing high-tech wind energy systems, has supplied more than 40,500 wind turbines globally since 1979.

Vestas sold its first wind turbine in North America in 1981 and since has supplied more than 11,000 wind turbines to the United States and Canada.