Romania could accept installed power in wind energy of 8,000 MW

Romania could accept installed power in wind power stations of 8,000 MW but the figure could be changed every year, Marian Cernat, manager in CN Transelectrica SA said on Wednesday.

"At the present level, we can accept somewhat 3,000 MW of wind farm installed. The figure could be changed every year, taking into consideration the experience we get. At present we consider that 25 – 30% energy is made out of renewable resources. Romania has a top of wind power of 8,000 MW” Cernat said.

The Transelectrica representative said that at present there is a total of 31,000 MW of applications for wind turbines installations which received agreements for 4,600 MW.

At present, there are contracts for connection to the grid of over 3,700 MW, agreements for 4,600 MW. As a whole we have 31,000 MW applications for wind farm installations to be installed, although I don’t think they will all be installed. We are not against wind groups, but this should be done in a sustainable way. Wind energy is very volatile” he said.

On Wednesday in Bucharest there was a new edition of the seminar “ Green, The future of energy” organised by the Association of Electrical Energy Suppliers in Romania (AFEER) and the lawyer’s office CMS Cameron McKenna.