Wind turbines set to arrive at wind farm location soon

According to the wind power company, the first phase of construction began in September, and work is expected to be finished by the end of the year, weather permitting.

Nine of the wind turbines in the 25- turbine wind farm will be in Taylor Township, with the others built in neighboring Snyder Township.

According to the company, all access roads have been constructed, and crews are setting the concrete pads and wind turbine foundations. The last shipments of the wind turbine components — tower sections, nacelles, hubs and blades — are expected to arrive Nov. 10.

Some of the towers could be erected in the coming weeks. The company plans to build the remaining 16 wind turbines in the second phase of the wind project on land Tyrone owns in Snyder Township. That work is expected to begin in 2011, pending approvals from the Federal Aviation Administration.

Still outstanding are FAA findings about the wind turbines and interference with ground-based navigation aids. According to Gamesa, the company is working with FAA to provide required information and is considering a possible upgrade to local radar equipment.

When completed, the 50-megawatt wind power project will produce enough electricity to power about 15,000 homes a year.