Idaho Wind Farm Permit Secured

Pavilion Energy Resources, Inc. (pinksheets:PVRE) — The Company is a Joint Venture partner with an Idaho wind farm developer to supply $100 million of wind turbines for a new accelerated wind farm.

The Idaho partners, "LA Wind" have secured the conditional use permit for the Idaho wind farm property and is now raising development funding for the wind farm construction phase.

LA Wind permitted the property in record time. This wind farm is proposed to become the anchor customer for a planned PVRE Idaho manufacturing facility to mass produce 3-5 Megawatt Jet-Speed, Accelerated Wind Turbines.

PVRE may expand the planned factory output from one to two accelerating wind turbines per week, as other wind farm developers are showing interest in switching from acquiring old-order turbines to our accelerated turbine, which promises far superior economic performance.

This wind energy development will open many worldwide growth opportunities for PVRE.

PVRE’s long-term plans may include construction of additional accelerator wind turbine factories in other states.

PVRE and partners are also pursuing nation-changing large-scale offshore wind power opportunities in various states including the 1,100 megawatt offshore New Jersey project which is planned to connect to the Google-AWC grid. See:

Accelerating Turbines promise to lower the generated cost of onshore wind power from 8-10 cents per kilowatt hour to 3-4 cents per kilowatt hour, making wind power cheaper than any fossil fuel.