China solar energy firm to set up joint venture in India

A solar water heater producer, China Himin Solar Co, Ltd, plans to launch a joint venture manufacturing plant in India, said Huang Ming, chairman of the Chinese company, on Thursday at on-going Delhi International Renewable Energy Conference 2010.

Huang said his company is in talks with the Indian side to build a 50:50 joint venture in Delhi area to produce solar water heaters.

He said the Chinese side will provide technology and production line with its Indian partner as well as taking care of marketing.

The total investment will be several hundred million yuan and initial capacity will be 10,000 to 50,000 square meters with ultimate capacity at one million square meters.

The plant will mainly assembly components imported from China in the initial stage, said Huang.

The joint venture could be unveiled in the next few months and could be the first overseas manufacturing plant of China Himin Solar with additional talks going on to build factories in Mexico and the United States.

Huang said the joint venture will produce high-end products and it’s risky to take up low-end products in solar water heater business under current circumstances.

Huang suggested his Chinese peers to take the form of joint venture in expanding presence in Indian market, noting the difficulties to be faced by wholly foreign-funded solar companies.

Huang added that China’s solar water heater players could export industrial standards and technologies to both developed and developing countries, which marks a significant achievement for Chinese manufacturers.

Now, China Himin Solar has thress million square meters of its solar water heaters to be installed while exporting marginal share of products to India.

Based in East China’s Dezhou, China Himin Solar has strong research capacities with near 200 patents in China.

The three-day event draws more than 9,000 delegates from over 40 countries, including more than 600 exhibitors.

Delhi International Renewable Energy Conference 2010 is the forth its kind after the ones in Bonn in 2004, Beijing in 2005 and Washington in 2008.

China calls for co-op on renewable energy

It’s the common responsibility of all countries to develop renewable energy and countries shall work together to attain genuine development of renewable energy so as to combat climate change, Liu Qi, vice-chairman of the National Energy Administration (NEA) said Wednesday.

Addressing the Delhi International Renewable Energy Conference 2010, which opens in New Delhi on Wednesday, Liu suggested that participants of the conference work out a road map for the development of global renewable energy and help individual countries put forward their own road map in this regard in accordance with their own resources, technology and economic conditions.

China would like to open its renewable energy market to the maximum since professional division of labor is the best way to improve efficiency and reduce costs, he said.

Commenting on the possible consequence of a US probe into the Chinese clean energy policies on the sidelines of the conference, Liu said that China’s renewable energy sector would not be much affected by it.

Liu said China’s supportive policies focus on basic research, development and demonstration projects.

The US Trade Representative’s office started on Oct 15 the probe dubbed Section 301 of Trade Act 1974, in response to a United Steel workers Union’s complaint on Sept 9 that China’s support for its renewable energy sectors gave Chinese producers unfair advantages over competitors.

China will not readjust its renewable energy policies due to unjustified US claims of unfair subsidies, Liang Zhipeng, head of the renewable energy department of the NEA told Xinhua.

Liang added that advanced low-cost technologies on renewable energy should be promoted in the world, urging the international community to help developing countries increase their capacity to utilize renewable energy and noting that no trade barriers should be introduced in the sector.

China imported $2.7 billion of equipment and multi-crystal silicon in solar photovoltaic sector since 2009 from the United States, while only exporting $700 million of solar photovoltaic products to the United States, according to Liang.

Additionally, China now provides around 3 billion yuan ($448 million) in subsidies to the sector of renewable energy compared with 10 billion dollars of subsidies in the United States.

The three-day event draws more than 9,000 delegates from over 40 countries to discuss green economy, climate change, financial innovation, technology and transport, policy support and other issues relating to renewable energy.

This is the fourth conference of its kind. The previous conferences were held in Bonn in 2004, Beijing in 2005 and Washington in 2008.