China Lithium Technologies Unveils New Lithium Magic Cube Product

China Lithium Technologies Inc. (OTCBB:CLTT), a leading lithium-ion battery module, lithium-ion battery charger and lithium-ion battery management system manufacturer and distributor, announced that on October 14-19 it participated in the annual Import and Export Exhibition in Guangzhou, the largest consumer products exhibition in China.

The company unveiled its newly developed Lithium Magic Cube product series, which includes battery modules, battery management systems, and charging systems for lithium-ion batteries, all of which received high accolades at the event.

The Lithium Magic Cube product series includes a range of products with varying voltage and capacity. The 60Ah/80Ah products from the Lithium Magic Cube series can be used in electric automobiles through parallel connections. This technology makes it possible to seamlessly upgrade a battery system from lead-acid batteries to Lithium-ion batteries, and represents a major advancement in electronic vehicle technology. Additionally, the company’s 10Ah and 20Ah products from the Lithium Magic Cube series weigh 1/3 of a comparable lead-acid battery and are becoming popular in electric bicycles and motorcycles.

Mr. Kun Liu, chief executive officer of China Lithium Technologies, commented, "The public debut of our new 60Ah/80Ah lithium-ion battery module attracted significant attention from exhibition attendees and purchasers. The 60Ah/80Ah lithium-ion battery’s technology allows the consumers to replace lead acid batteries in automobiles with lithium-ion batteries, without further modification to the vehicles—a major breakthrough in battery technology. The recognition our technology has received in the market from both peers and professionals further validates our strategy."

Mr. Kun Liu continued, "Our product displays at the Guangzhou exhibition have generated extensive attention, including close discussions with numerous new potential clients. We are extremely well-positioned in the market as the PRC government continues to boost its support for lithium ion battery technology. We believe our technology will enable broader adoption of lithium-ion batteries, and our continued R&D efforts and marketing strategies will result in rapid growth for the company in the coming years."

China Lithium Technologies is a leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of polymer lithium-ion battery modules, lithium-ion battery chargers, lithium-ion battery management systems, as well as other lithium-ion battery management devices essential to proper power utilization. The company has also developed an efficient battery management system that balances the process of charging and discharging multiple lithium-ion battery cells, and which adjusts the charging frequency to temperature changes in the ambient environment. The company’s products are widely distributed and used in electric vehicles, motorcycles and bicycles in China.