US-China Wind 2010: Building Strategic Cooperation

Meet the Most Prominent Players in the US and China Wind Energy Industry, Network and Build the Wind Energy Value Chain

Three Events in One:

What the China Wind Power Industry Needs to Know about Selling to the US Market

What US Wind Power Developers and Investors Need to Know about Doing Business with China’s Wind Power Sector

US-China Wind: Building Strategic Cooperation

The opportunities for mutually beneficial and highly profitable cooperation between US and China wind power industries are staggering:

Huge potential for favorable pricing and sourcing of highly specialized wind turbines equipment

Access to potential vendor financing

US investment in and/or partnership opportunities with Chinese equipment manufacturers

Chinese investment in and/or partnership opportunities with new US-based wind farm

US investment in and/or partnership opportunities with new China-based wind farms

Chinese development and/or investment in new US-based wind-power equipment manufacturing facilities

And more…

However, the US and Chinese wind-power industries operate so differently that it is very difficult for key players on either side to understand and evaluate where their best prospects lie. Basic business assumptions used as foundations on one side will not translate to the other.

As a consequence, Infocast has organized the first annual US-China Wind Summit in order to provide a shared context for both national industries. It will gather together experts from the US- and China- based wind communities to offer in-depth explanations, analysis and case studies on how wind works on both sides of the Pacific. Developers, manufacturers & suppliers, investors & financiers and market advisors will meet in San Francisco to establish & strengthen strategic relationships, examine investment opportunities, exchange business perspectives and build the value chain necessary to take advantage of cross-border cooperation between these two dynamic markets.

The Summit has been carefully designed to provide a rich opportunity for offline discussions and unparalleled networking opportunities where everyone will have a chance to meet the people and establish the business relationships that will permit US-China cooperation in this dynamic industry.