World’s First Single Tower Multi-Set Vertical Axis Turbine From YATU to be Used and Marketed by Welwind Energy International

GYII has spent a significant amount of capital and material resources in the renewable energy fields since it was incorporated in 2006. It manufactured its first 750KW wind turbine in 2007 for Welwind.

Having successfully mastered the technologies of the horizontal axis wind generating system, GYII spent an additional six years in working with international research and development institutions and internationally renowned experts to successfully design a single tower vertical axis wind turbine with two x 2MW stacked generators totalling 4MW.

Through extensive research, GYII’s vertical axis turbine will successfully place wind power as the main means of affordable energy internationally. GYII’s own R & D Institution has studied many factors that would produce higher efficiency output for wind turbines.

Historically, vertical axis turbines have been used only in residential projects or small scale personal wind projects. Advancements over the years have had many within the industry considering developing vertical axis turbines for large scale wind projects.

Vertical axis turbines are powered by wind coming from all 360 degrees, and even some turbines are powered when the wind blows from top to bottom or bottom to top. Because of this versatility, vertical axis wind turbines are thought to be additionally ideal for installations where wind conditions are not consistent.

Some additional reasons GYII has focused on vertical axis wind turbines (VAWT) instead of horizontal axis wind turbines (HAWT) are: tall towers and blades up to 45 meters long are difficult to transport – transportation can now amount to 20% of equipment costs; tall HAWTs are difficult to install, needing very tall and expensive cranes and skilled operators; massive tower construction is required to support the heavy blades, gearbox, and generator; downwind variants suffer from fatigue and structural failure caused by turbulence when a blade passes through the tower’s wind shadow; HAWTs require an additional yaw control mechanism to turn the blades and nacelle toward the wind; in order to minimize fatigue loads due to wake turbulence, wind turbines are usually sited a distance of 5 rotor diameters away from each other. GYII’s new vertical axis turbine addresses all of these challenges and more.

GYII has studied every aspect of making turbines more efficient over the 6 year study period. Through its studies, it has come to the conclusion that the impact of the Earth’s surface due to wind advection, along with the role of the sun’s magnetic field lines extending to the earth’s surface (which contain abundant levels of wind resources), a turbine’s design must look at more than just ‘blades meeting wind’ to be exceptionally efficient. GYII created multi-tower high-power vertical axis wind turbines to take advantage of this geophysical phenomenon. The science and technology behind this ground-breaking vertical axis turbine will put wind energy and power output far ahead of any turbine on the market.

Multiple intellectual property rights have been incorporated into the design of GYII’s turbines and are protected through 33 patents, including 25 invention patents and utility model patents along with various other international patents. The successful development of the single-tower multi-set vertical turbine is a significant breakthrough in the development of wind power generation technologies.

The Company is now looking at the research and development of a similar vertical axis high-power turbine with a 2×5MW wind generating system. By stacking all of these various generating systems onto one vertical turbine, 2 to 5 times more power will be generated at a significantly reduced cost compared to a HAWT.

The overall increase in energy produced by the vertical axis turbines is significant for Welwind as this increases the company’s projected revenues for each of its wind farm projects by 2 to 5 times the initial revenues disclosed in past news releases.

"The technology behind GYIIs turbines is fantastic for the wind energy industry but, more importantly, it is tremendous for Welwind and its shareholders. We have in the past reported substantial numbers for revenue generated by our wind farms. To say that these numbers can potentially be increased 2 to 5 fold is amazing. Suddenly a 49.5 MW wind farm becomes a 100 to 250 MW wind farm all while maintaining the same land mass ," said Larry McNabb, President of Welwind Energy.

Welwind Energy International Corp. is committed to providing the best resource option available for renewable energy, protecting our environment, empowering communities, bolstering local economies and respecting the rights of future generations. Welwind Energy International was founded to build, own and operate wind farms on an international scale. The company’s goal is to become a leading provider of clean energy products for the residential, business and governmental consumer.