Chinese Wind Energy New Installed Capacity Ranked Top One reports that Chinese has huge wind farm market, which has become the global wind power development leader. is expected that in 2020, Chinese total installed wind turbines can achieve 230 GW, the equivalent of thirteen gorges hydropower stations, the total capacity will reach 464.9 billion kilowatt-hours of power, which is equivalent of about 200 of heat-engine plants.

By 2010, the wind energy industry has 0.6 million employees on average every 30 minutes to install a wind turbine, and in every 3 wind turbines installed, there are one set in China.

Himfr analyzes that wind power industry to help China development, while China helps the wind power industry development. Wind power as a clean energy develops very rapidly in China, the investment’s multinational companies in China also have a good return on investment.

Now, China is the world’s largest wind power market, as well as the world’s largest production base of wind turbines. Until 2009, Chinese wind farm installedcapacity has reached 25 GW. thinks that the rapid development of China’s economy means that the long-term high energy needs, with the greenhouse gas emission reduction and environmental protection this difficult mission and alternative energy technologies has become urgent choice and also become developing wind power industry strong force. pointed out Chinese wind power turn to maturity is still need long-term unremitting efforts.