GE Introduces 1-Megawatt Solar Inverter for Projects Worldwide

Like GE’s existing 700-kilowatt solar inverter, the new product is based on the proven power converter technology that GE uses for its global fleet of wind turbines. Building on a platform of power electronics, including the monitoring and controls that enhance wind energy grid integration, GE’s solar inverters include grid-friendly features that deliver performance in large-scale solar installations similar to conventional power plants.

“As the demand for cleaner energy continues to grow in the United States and around the world, we expect to see an increase in the number of larger, multi-megawatt solar installations,” said Bruce Norman, general manager, solar technologies for GE Power & Water. “As renewable energy penetration increases, so too will the challenge to effectively integrate these larger solar projects into the grid. Our solar inverter technology is designed to tackle the issue of grid reliability, which is critical to the future growth of the solar industry.”

Solar inverters are key components in a solar power system that convert direct-current power generated by solar panels into usable electricity. To ensure that solar power plants stay online during grid disturbances, GE’s solar inverters include control functions that enhance integration. Similar to GE’s wind turbines, which have been designed to meet evolving grid codes in the wind power industry, GE’s suite of solar plant monitoring and controls can manage voltage in anticipation of future regulations. All of GE’s solar solutions, including the 1 MW Brilliance™solar inverter, include a competitive GE warranty backed by the resources and expertise of GE’s global service network.