Texas will host first US offshore wind power

The first US offshore wind turbines will be installed before the end of the year off the coast of Texas, near Galveston island. It will have a capacity of 2.75 MW, and it will be the first of a set of wind turbines (Galveston Wind Project) that will be installed over the next few years to form a 300 MW offshore wind farm.

The announcement was made with a view to the first Texas Offshore Wind Energy Roundtable Conference, which will be held in Houston from October 19 to 22.

According to recently published studies conducted by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory of the Department of Energy, the US has the potential to generate over 4 million MW of energy (of which over 1 million in Texan waters) from offshore wind energy plants, which is four times the electricity capacity presently installed in the States from all sources.

In this scenario, Texas has particularly favourable conditions, considering that its state laws differ from those of any other US state, namely because the authorization process does not need the approval of the Department of the Interior.

When announcing the upcoming installation of the first offshore wind turbines, it was specified that in Texas marine areas have been leased for planned offshore projects totalling 3,500 MW.