Lithium Battery Power Has Great Market Space

Lithium battery power as the "heart" of the new electric vehicles will see rapid development and will be produced to huge economic effect, while the market space is great for players concerned. predicts that for new electric vehicles in 2012, annual output will reach 1 million sets, and by 2025, Chinese common gasoline vehicles will account for around 50% of the passenger vehicles, and the advanced diesel vehicle, gas vehicle, bio-fuels car and so on, new energy vehicles, will be in rapid development.

As a benefit of the rapid development of new electric cars, the lithium battery power market scale growth is expected to grow rapidly in future. It is expected that in 2010-2018, the global lithium battery market will achieve an annual growth rate reaching 54.2%, and in 2018 will reach 16 billion U.S. dollars.

Lithium battery power will present explosive growth. analyzes that at present in the domestic market, sales of lithium battery power is very low, lithium battery sales revenue mainly comes from mobile phones, computers and small lithium batteries, however, a pure electric car consumes a single cell phone battery consumption by 10,000 times, so as the new electric vehicles gradually mature, they will drive lithium battery power explosive growth. Lithium battery power’s promising prospects also drive market investment. reports that with the world petroleum resource exhausting, automobile power supply cannot help taking off the oil resource shackle to adopt some new energy, which directly pushes the automobile towards a major technology revolution, with new energy vehicles replacing traditional vehicles as an inevitable trend in the future. is a promising e-commerce company and a leading vertical search engine company in China.