Chery — China’s largest independent carmake

Chery, the country’s largest independent carmaker, has recently invested an enormous sum of money to eastablish a national auto test center in its home base Wuhu City, which puts Asia’s largest auto-tech test center into operation.

At the center, Chery is able to develop, test and upgrade its products, provide test data and precision measurement of these products.

Since founded in 1997, Chery has tried its best to become a technology-oriented enterprise with the spirt of self-innovation. During the past ten years, Chery has established its automotive engineering and research institute and planning & design institute.

Further more, Chery keeps investing over 10% of its annual sales for research and development, by which it has assimilated and developed many key components and core technologies on engines, transmissions as well as new energy.

At present, of Chery’s 20,000 staff members, over 6,000 people are engineers and technicians, most of whom work on research and development. Chery has witnessed a fast-growing output on cars, engines and sets of transmissions.

As Chery says itself, it has already achieved the first goal of building an independent Chinese brand, and is now on the way to make itself a world famous brand through opening and innovation.