Approved funding for 188 MW of wind power in Brazil

The National Bank for Economic and Social Development of Brazil approved a 318 million dollar funding (230 million euros) for the construction of 7 wind energy plants in the province of Parazinho, in the state of Rio Grande do Norte, for a total capacity of 188 MW.

The funding will finance 71% of the planned wind turbines investment, estimated roughly in about 443 million dollars (321 million euros).

The seven wind power plants will be built in scarcely populated areas with reduced economic activity. Most of the land will be leased by small farmers who – according to CPFL Geração de Energia, the company that will execute the construction – will immediately receive significant benefits from the new plants, both in economic (farming activities will continue unchanged in the interested areas, and there will be an additional income from the lease contracts) and occupational terms.

Indeed, during the construction 1,500 direct and 4,500 indirect new jobs are expected to be created.