Nova Scotia breaks new ground with Canada’s first-ever small wind power Feed-In Tariff

The Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) today applauded the Nova Scotia government for its announcement that the province’s Renewable Electricity Plan will include a Feed-In Tariff (FIT) for small wind turbines under 50 kW rated capacity.

This new policy positions Nova Scotia as a Canadian leader in wind energy, and as the first province in Canada to adopt a specific FIT for small wind farm. Small wind energy systems have a rated capacity of 300 kW or less, and are used to power homes, farms, small businesses and off-grid communities.

"The small wind Feed-in Tariff will allow more Nova Scotians to take an active part in the province’s renewable electricity future," said Robert Hornung, President of CanWEA. "In addition to the environmental benefits of small and community wind, this measure will provide important local economic stimulus by creating jobs in the province which is already home to a leading manufacturer of 50 kW wind turbines."

Nova Scotia will join several other jurisdictions around the world, primarily in the United States and United Kingdom, which have recognized the economic and environmental benefits of small wind by offering Feed-in Tariffs or rebates for small wind energy systems.

Earlier this week, CanWEA released a Small Wind Market Survey that showed the Canadian small wind market had grown by 55 per cent over the past two years. The market survey also showed that Canada is home to more than half of the world’s manufacturers of small wind turbines in the 30 to 100 kW range, but that Canadian manufacturers were exporting 87 per cent of their sales.
If set at the proper level, the small wind Feed-in Tariff announced today could help Nova Scotia take its place as a dominant manufacturer, much as European countries did with their own wind power industries in the 1990’s.

CanWEA looks forward to working with the government of Nova Scotia for the successful implementation of the renewable electricity plan and is pleased by the Province’s leadership in engaging all stakeholders to ensure success in reaching the target of 25 per cent renewable electricity supply by 2025.

For additional information on small wind, the report is available at the following link :

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