Great Lakes Offshore Wind Energy Project Launching

Lake Erie Alternative Power (LEAP) is supporting the development of the offshore wind power industry in the United States focused around the Great Lakes. LEAP has identified this region as one of the most suitable locations for offshore wind farm development in the United States.

LEAP is pleased to announce that it has signed a Letter of Intent with Siemens, whereby Siemens will deliver offshore wind turbines to LEAP’s projects. LEAP has achieved an important milestone in the completion of their strategy for their Great Lakes projects. Additionally, as part of the proposed 5,040 MW wind project, LEAP is planning to develop and build the first US flagged wind specific vessels in support of the project.

Both parties see this agreement as a strategic opportunity to become a front runner in the offshore wind farm industry in the United States by developing and commercializing projects around the Great Lakes.

Siemens has expressed its willingness to investigate, in coordination with LEAP, the feasibility of establishing local production, assembly and supply chain facilities in the Great Lakes area and identifying qualified sub-suppliers who have the intention of establishing or who already have established production facilities, supply chain facilities and/or service centers in area of Great Lakes in order to create sustainable employment in the North American renewables sector when it becomes apparent that a offshore market materializes in the US.

With this announcement, LEAP is taking an important first step in bringing local content and jobs to the Great Lakes area with what it believes to be the largest offshore alternative renewable energy project in the United States today.