Alteris Renewables Helps Nantucket High School Harness the Wind Power

The top renewable energy integrator in the Northeast, Alteris Renewables, Inc., is helping Nantucket High School lower its energy costs and showcase environmentally responsible strategies with the design and installation of a 100 kW wind turbine at its campus.

The 156-foot wind turbine is expected to generate more than 10 percent of the high school’s electric demand, which equals around $30,000 in annual savings.

‘Nantucket is the ideal location for a wind turbine,’ explained Bob Chew, President of Alteris Renewables Wind Business. ‘With its high wind speeds and high energy costs, the wind turbine will provide the school with ongoing savings on their electricity bills for years to come.’

Dave Kanyok, interim Facilities Director for Nantucket Public Schools, points out that the project isn’t only about the financial benefits. ‘The Northwind 100 installation has provided our students, facility, and community a valuable insight to community scale wind energy development. We at the Nantucket Public Schools are very excited about the educational and financial benefits of our new wind turbine. The staff and employees of Alteris Renewables provided both the technical and professional expertise required to bring our wind turbine project in on time and budget.’

The Northern Power Systems NW100 wind turbine was installed by Alteris Renewables’ Wind Business, located in Providence, Rhode Island. The project was funded through a collaboration of Students for Sustainability, MassCEC (Massachusetts Clean Energy Center – formally MRET), National Grid and the Schmidt Family Foundation.

Other Nantucket residents and businesses the provided project support included Greenhound LLC, Yates Gas, Victor Paving, Baines and Jones Electrical Supply, KOBO Corp., Toscana Corp., Miles Reis Trucking, Nantucket Board of Selectmen, Nantucket Garden Club, Arrowhead Nursery, Valero Nursery, Neil Patterson and Doug Lindley Fencing.

Alteris Renewables is the largest design-build renewable energy company in the Northeast, with more than 25 megawatts installed for over 3,000 customers over the past 30 years and more than a dozen offices across seven states. Alteris specializes in solar electric (photovoltaic or PV) and wind energy solutions for commercial, residential, education, government and institutional clients.

The company has industry-leading expertise in engineering, design, project management, performance analysis, project financing and renewable energy credit programs.