First Wind Power Project in Nigeria

The Nigerian government has concluded a contract through its federal ministry of energy for a 10 MW wind farm in the federal state of Katsina, Nigeria. The project includes 37 wind turbines of the type Vergnet GEV MP C 275 kW.

The Wind Farm is part of the governmental strategy to improve the utility`s countrywide electricity supply system substantially. The wind power project is planned to be carried out in the next 30 months.

The Terrawatt Planungsgesellschaft mbH at a glance

The engineering and project planning company Terrawatt Planungsgesellschaft mbH was founded by four shareholders in 1996. Since its establishment, the firm has continuously extended its range of activities and now has competencies in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, meteorology and industrial management/ finance.

The company offers consulting and planning services, as well as installation of electrotechnical equipment and machinery for the use of renewable energy.

In the beginning, the firm developed its own wind farm projects, which it continues to operate today. Finally, we offer our customers efficient operation and management for projects developed and sold by Terrawatt.

As a planning-, engineering- and consulting company, the Terrawatt Planungsgesellschaft mbH has established itself as a full-service provider in the domain of renewable energy and provides services for many well-known project developers and investors. Thus, our enterprise can look back on the experience of over 190 wind power projects with more than 600 wind turbines.

In addition to developing wind energy projects, we have begun to work in other business segments involving the use of renewable engergy. Thus, for instance, the Terrawatt Planungsgesellschaft mbH runs photo-voltaic equipment and block-type thermal power stations. Last but not least, we are also involved in designing an autonomous energy container.

With the growing market in renewable energy, we are constantly expanding and developing an ever greater global presence. In our special domain, technical infrastructure, we have already supplied engineering-, consulting- and site supervision services in the Czech Republic, Poland, Greece, Egypt, Ethiopia, India and South Korea.

A multiplicity of technical experts is necessary for successful implementation of wind power projects. The success of these projects depends not only on the individual’s mastery of a specific domain, but on perfect interaction among the individual divisions and excellent management of the corresponding interfaces. This is precisely our specialty.

In feasibility studies and project inspections, experience, special knowledge of many areas and a background in business management are brought together, making it possible for us to satisfy the most stringent requirements and to provide investors, institutions and owners with a secure foundation for successful projects.

The Terrawatt Planungsgesellschaft mbH is a single-source provider offering its customers services from all technical disciplines to implement projects using various types of renewable energy, especially wind power.

Vergnet Eolien

Our technical experience allows us to design and execute all stages of the project, from site appraisal and wind measurement to handing over a turnkey wind farm. Together with the available experience we have in planning, site supervision, execution and ownership, we can guarantee a high security level in interface management. The optimum team size at Terrawatt makes possible quick and flexible implementation of assigned orders and tasks.

The success of Vergnet Eolien, France’s leading wind turbine manufacturer, can largely be attributed to the company’s twenty plus years of experience throughout the world.

Historically speaking, Vergnet’s first business activity was the supplying of water to rural areas. The success of Vergnet Hydro, a true pioneer in sustainable development, is credited to its two founding values :

* – The development of technologies that are original, pragmatic and suitable to their environment
* – A strong sense of partnership, which aims to durably transfer Vergnet’s know-how to its users, so that they are able to master the operation and maintenance of their installations

In the 1990s, in addition to rural hydraulics, Vergnet expanded its scope of business to include wind turbines, while maintaining a foothold in its two strong areas of specialisation.

Today, over 650 Vergnet wind turbines are operating throughout the world, and their availability rates remain high, even in sites subject to extreme conditions.

The GEV MP C is a 275 kW wind turbine. Is has been put in first commercial operation in 2001, and has been upgraded since then to incorporate the latest in wind technology.

A few examples of Vergnet achievements

Ethiopia, which has a strong wind potential, is counting on wind turbine energy to increase its energy independence and to develop a national source of income through the sale of electricity to neighbouring countries. Ashegoda Wind Farm will be the first wind farm implemented in Ethiopia.

After an international tender, EEPCO has chosen VERGNET technology as the most adapted to such context/conditions. VERGNET GEV HP 1 MW wind turbines are perfectly adapted to remote regions where conventional wind turbines cannot be installed due to difficult access conditions, limited infrastructures, lack of big cranes, unstable grid…

In New Caledonia, no less than 140 wind turbines contribute to the country’s energy production. The installation of these wind turbines has significantly reduced oil imports, and these wind turbines are now the country’s primary source of energy production.