Tamil Nadu (India) – 2,000 MW wind energy soon

Electricity minister Arcot M. Veerasamy said on Friday that the state would increase its wind energy generation potential by another 2,000 MW in the coming years. He was speaking at the national conference on bio mass based power generation held at Mamallapuram.

The minister pointed out that TN already ranked first in wind power generation with a capacity of 5,400 MW. He said while most sugar mills in TN operated only for four months in a year, the plan was to make it operate year round and increase bio mass energy generation by another 60 MW during the year 2011-2.

Speaking at the occasion, Dr N.P. Singh, adviser, ministry of new and renewable energy, government of India, said bio mass energy should reach the villages, as it was truly the poor man’s fuel. “Tamil Nadu is already a leader in renewable energy generation. We want to ensure that it penetrates into the villages and generates income for the poor,” Mr Singh said.

State Planning Commission member Dr. G. Kumaravelu urged the delegates at the conference to focus on fast wood plantation used in the biomass power generation.