Nuttby Mountain Wind Farm begins powering Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Power’s Nuttby Mountain Wind Farm is now providing wind power to homes and businesses in the province. With five wind turbines energized, the wind farm is well on its way to the goal of being fully operational by the end of this year.

“These are exciting times for our company and for the province as we continue to bring more wind energy on line,” said Robin McAdam, Vice President, Sustainability, NS Power. “The Nuttby wind farm will provide value for our customers, delivering price stability over the medium to long term, while reinforcing our commitment to meet Nova Scotia’s renewable energy targets.”

"It’s great to see projects like this come on line," said Minister of Energy Bill Estabrooks, "Harnessing our own natural resources to power our economy into the future is a key part of making life better for Nova Scotia families."

The Nutty Mountain Wind Farm will have a capacity of 45 megawatts (MW), producing enough electricity to power approximately 15,000 homes. The project has the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Nova Scotia by more than 100,000 tonnes annually. The wind farm is located 20 kilometres north of Truro.

“This important milestone is a testament to the many talented Nova Scotia engineers and contractors who are helping us change the way we make electricity”, said Debra McLellan, Project Manager, NS Power’s Nuttby Mountain Wind Farm.

Nova Scotia Power expects to have more than 280 MW of wind energy on the grid by the end of 2010, representing 11% of Nova Scotia’s generation capacity. In addition to Nuttby Mountain, NS Power’s 30 MW Digby wind power project is progressing well with full commissioning planned for the end of this year.

The Point Tupper wind farm was commissioned on August 4th, 2010. NS Power has a 49% interest in this 22 MW Renewable Energy Services Limited wind project.