Making Solar Panels With Wind Power

The sun may be a great source of sustainable energy, but it still takes a lot of energy to actually create the solar panels in the first place. And in most cases, that energy is non-renewable. But a company in the UK is looking to change that with the world’s first "green from green" solar panel production facility.

G24i will be installing a 120m tall wind turbine at its solar photovoltaic cell facility in Wales, which will "produce 5.9 million units of electricity each year for around 25 years, enough energy for the equivalent use of over 1,700 homes" and "save more than 2,500 tonnes of carbon dioxide going into the atmosphere each year." The windmill is expected to be fully operation by November.

"At G24i, our vision is to create a new type of solar technology that works in low light, indoors and where no other solar cell can effectively operate — and to accomplish this with the smallest carbon footprint possible," G24i co-founder Robert Hertzberg said in a statement.

"Installing a wind turbine on our factory site and securing power from renewable wind energy is another step in our innovative approach in developing a world class "green" technology company."