SPX : Selected by Chevrolet as Home Charging Installation Partner for the New Volt

SPX Service Solutions will offer Volt owners, Chevrolet dealers and fleet customers with a one-stop shopping solution to purchase and install the proper equipment to charge their plug-in electric vehicle. As the exclusive provider, the SPX electric vehicle team will manage all aspects of home charging, including home surveys, 240V charge stations which will charge the Volt in approximately 4 hours, installations, permitting, utility coordination and post installation services as well as advising customers of special programs and incentives.

"SPX is proud to be Chevrolet’s national partner in supporting the launch of the Chevrolet Volt, positioned to leverage our nearly 100 years of automotive industry experience to provide Volt owners with a streamlined program for installing their home charging equipment," said SPX Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer Christopher J. Kearney. "Electric vehicles are one of the most exciting breakthroughs of our time, and our involvement in this area of technological innovation and sustainability is consistent with our business focus and mission as an organization. SPX Service Solutions’ dedicated electric vehicle team has worked closely with Chevrolet to ensure the successful deployment and rollout of the revolutionary new Volt."

"Charging at home is a great benefit of driving an electric vehicle, as it’s more convenient and costs less than stopping at the corner gas station," said Tony DiSalle, Volt Marketing Director. "By offering a dedicated customer-service team and working with SPX as our national partner for home and business charging solutions, Chevrolet will make it as convenient as possible for Volt customers to charge at home.

"Having already successfully completed consumer home charger trials in support of Chevrolet’s field-testing of the Volt, we’ve demonstrated that we have the experience and infrastructure in place to coordinate and complete home charger installations from start to finish," said Tanvir Arfi, President of SPX Service Solutions. "In addition, our knowledgeable customer service team is ready to help Volt owners upgrade to a dedicated 120-volt home charging outlet or install a 240-volt charge station, and advise them on what steps they may need to take in order to qualify for reduced rates from their electric utility."

To learn more about home charging you may contact your Volt Advisor or go to www.homecharging.spx.com/volt.

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