Pakistan plans 200 to 500 MW Wind Power Project

Minister for Water and Power Raja Pervez Ashraf has asked Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB) to immediately process the proposals of Employees Old age Benefit Institute (EOBI) for setting up of 200 to 500 MW Wind Energy project in the country.

He said that while presiding over the Inter-ministerial meeting for setting up of wind farm project with local manufacturing. The meeting also attended by Federal Labour Minister, Syed Khursheed Shah, Minister of State for Defence Production, Sardar Salim Haider, Chairman, Heavy Industries Board, Taxila (HIT), Chairman EOBI, CEO, AEDB and other senior officials of the AEDB and HIT.

Raja Pervez Ashraf appreciated the EOBI for their keen to invest in the power sector by establishing Wind Power Project. He said that Pakistan has great wind energy potential. The wind turbines is environment friendly power generation and the world is also trying to develop wind farms to generate cheapest energy for its consumers.

He said that the government of Pakistan is also encouraging investment in the alternative energy projects and number of LOIs have been issued to the potential investors. He said that the change in the energy mix is our policy and alternative energy and hydel projects are our priorities. The Minister also assured that after completing the required procedure, the AEDB will immediately issue LOI for the wind power project of EOBI.

The Labour Minister, Syed Khursheed Shah said that the Ministry is keen to invest the EOBI funds in the best national interest and the proposal to set up Wind Farm will help to meet our future energy requirements. He said that the EOBI will set up wind power project of 200 to 500 MW with the collaboration of local manufacturing. He said that it is our desire that the wind project should be completed within shortest possible time frame of one year.

The Minister of state for Defence Production, Sardar Salim Haider informed the meeting that Heavy Industries Taxila have the ability to develop some kind of wind energy machinery parts. He assured the meeting that the HIT will fully cooperate in the mage project and utilize all of its expertise.

The meeting decided to early process two feasibilities one for 200 MW and other for 500 MW wind projects. The report of the AEDB and HIT will be submitted in the next inter-ministerial meeting to be held next week.

Earlier, the Chairman EOBI briefed the meeting on their investment plan of wind energy projects and the Chairman HIT on the expertise of manufacturing of parts of wind turbines.