Wind energy focus in Armenia

An Italian company has been licensed to construct a wind farm in the Karakhacha ravine, Armenia, RA Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Armen Movsisyan told reporters. He hopes the construction will be completed within two years. The wind power station with a designed capacity of 20 MW is to generate 31mn kwh of energy annually.

In 2003, The U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) drew a wind power map of Armenia. The total capacity of economically sound wind power stations is estimated at 450 MW.

The best locations for them are the Zoda pass, Bazum mountain range, Karakhacha, Pushkin and Jajura passes, the Gegham mountain range, areas near Sevan and Aparan, the uplands between Sisian and Goris, areas near Meghri.

Wind monitoring has been completed, feasibility reports have been prepared for the construction of wind turbines stations in Semyonovka, Sevan (34 MW), Karkhach pass, Shirak region (90 MW), Sotka, Gegharkunik (20 MW).

In December 2005, the first ever wind power station in the South Caucasus, Lori-1, was put into operation in Armenia. The wind farm with a capacity of 2.64 MW was constructed on a U.S. $3.1m grant provided by the Iranian Government.