Leo Motors to Present ZAFCG in Battery Technology Expo

 Leo will discuss and exhibit the Zinc Air Fuel Cell Generator (ZAFCG) and advanced Battery Management System (BMS). In the show, Dr. John Lee, CTO of Leo Motors, will speak in a seminar to demonstrate the successful development of Leo’s proprietary BMS and ZAFCG.

Leo’s Zinc Air Fuel Cell Generator (ZAFCG) was developed to be the first economically sound range extender for EVs. The ZAFCG includes patented technologies that can feed zinc balls into the system automatically, collect sludge in the filter and stop the generation of electricity as soon as the battery is fully charged or as soon as the driver does not want to charge the battery any further.

With a more inexpensive battery power pack, as well as lower production and fuel costs, the ZAFCG makes EVs more affordable and economically feasible to build, own and run. The ZAFCG weighs 30% less than Lithium batteries and has higher energy density. In the official tests run by the Korea Electronics Technology Institute, which is run by the Korean government, it was found that 1kg of Zinc Balls can generate 12.5kW electric energy in our ZAFC generator.

Charging stations and smart grids have long been thought to be mandatory to welcome the EV era, but even with a significant change in infrastructure, governments could not facilitate charging facilities for all driving needs such as for long distance highway travelling. It has generally been understood by those in the EV industry ZAFCG can be the only sustainable substitute to the charging station for long distance driving. Dr. Robert Kang, CEO of Leo Motors, mentioned, Many professionals have tried to develop a system to use ZAFCG from inside the car, but nobody else has succeeded that we know.

Leo has developed a fast charging Battery Management System (BMS) for EV battery power packs. The innovative BMS allows the flow of electricity for charging in up to 4C (4 times the electric power rating of the battery, per hour) mode.

The charging capabilities of existing BMS were only 0.5C (half of the electric power rating of the battery, per hour). For example, a 30kW battery power pack cannot charge more than 15kW per hour using existing BMS because the BMS can manage only half of the electric power per hour.

Using Leo’s new BMS, the power pack can be fully charged less than 15 minutes because Leo’s BMS allows four times the electric power per hour under its quick charging mode. Leo¿s goal is to develop this BMS to charge in up to 12C mode.

When quick charging the battery with existing BMS, the voltage balance between cells are destroyed, thus the power pack cannot deliver the expected electric power and capacity. This means that even though there have been a number of quick chargers developed, quick charging has not been taking place stably in the power packs of EVs. Dr. Lee said,  Our BMS is the only solution we know that solves the battery breaking out problems in quick charging.

Leo Motors To Get Korean Govt Aid For Air Fuel Generator

Leo Motors Inc.(LEOM.PK: News ) Monday said that the Korean government has proposed to support the company by providing automotive development facilities and engineers at the Jeonbuk Institute of Automotive Technology or JIAT, the Korean government’s automotive technology development and test center.

Under the collaboration of Leo Motors and the Korean government, the first project would be the co-development of Leo’s Zinc Air Fuel Cell Generator prototype or ZAFCG.

Leo Motors said that on September 28, 2010, it held a seminar to demonstrate the successful development of its proprietary ZAFCG. Professionals including professors and researchers of fuel cells and Electric Vehicles or EV confirmed the successful development of ZAFCG.

Leo Motors claimed that this innovation is the first emissions free, economically sound solution to free EV from their inherent range limitations.

Moving further, Leo Motors intends to commercialize the ZAFCG. Leo and JIAT will work together to develop prototypes of ZAFCG for cars that can enable them to drive more than 1,000 miles in Korea without charging.

LEO MOTORS is a US public company based outside of Seoul, Korea, engaged in the development, manufacture and sale of Electric Vehicles power trains and components. Leo has developed many original EV power trains and has converted many models of existing internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles into electric vehicles, including scooters, motorcycles, highway speed sedans, buses and trucks. Leo Motors has also developed Zinc Air Fuel Cell Generator (ZAFCG) which will free EVs from range limitation with zero emissions.