A-Power Energy announces delivery of wind turbines for U.S. wind power project

A-Power Energy Generation Systems, Ltd. (Nasdaq: APWR) ("A-Power" or "the Company"), a leading provider of distributed power generation systems in China and a fast-growing manufacturer of wind turbines, announced the delivery of one prototype 2.05MW wind turbine generator set at its factory in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, China.

The wind turbine prototype will be shipped to Texas and is planned to be installed at the site of the proposed 600 MW Spinning Star Wind Energy Project, to be located in west Texas, U.S.

Mr. Jinxiang Lu, A-Power’s Chairman and CEO commented, "We are very excited to announce our much anticipated delivery of the prototype. We continue to believe that the Spinning Star Project will evolve into a first-rate renewable energy project that will be the model for future large scale wind power projects throughout the US."

Testing results from the prototype would be used in connection with the development of and further supply to the Spinning Star Project and other potential customers of A-Power in the U.S. Shenyang Lucky Wind Power Equipment Co., Ltd., a 100% wholly-owned A-Power subsidiary, is designated as the exclusive supplier of wind turbines for the Spinning Star Project. Spinning Star Energy LLC is a joint-venture among Shenyang Power Group (SPG), a partly-owned Chinese subsidiary of A-Power, and U.S.-based developers.

A-Power Energy Generation Systems, Ltd. ("A-Power"), through its China-based operating subsidiaries, is a leading provider of distributed power generation systems in China and is expanding into the production of alternative power generation systems.

Focusing on energy-efficient and environmentally friendly DG projects of 25 MW to 400 MW, A-Power also operates one of the largest wind turbine manufacturing facilities in China. It also acquired Evatech, a designer and manufacturer of industrial equipment for amorphous-silicon (a-Si) photovoltaic (PV) panels, in 2010.

In addition to the establishment of strategic relationships with the world’s leading wind farm design and engineering companies, A-Power has formed joint research programs with Tsinghua University and the China Academy of Sciences to develop and commercialize other renewable energy technologies.